The Basics of Wheel Refinishing: A Guide


Refinishing your vehicle’s wheels is an effective way to revive them or completely alter their appearance. If gouges damage your wheels or are simply old or damaged, refinishing them can make them appear brand new (if done properly). You may also opt to make your wheels new in a different color than your original ones.

If you need clarification on refinishing your wheel, this article contains all the details you need about refinishing your wheel.

Refinishing Process: A Basic Overview

Refinishing involves applying filler, smoothing away the deep gouges or scratches, and then painting the entire wheel. This is the procedure in greater specific terms:

Repair the pits, scratches, or gouges.

This is accomplished by filling the pits, scratches, or gouges with putty and then smoothing it until the wheel’s surface has been repaired.

Prepare the wheels.

This is done when the wheel’s surface is smooth. Primer is applied on the wheel to ensure the paint adheres correctly.

Make the wheels paintable.

If you’ve completed those two things by yourself, Hiring a professional to paint the wheels is still highly recommended.

Apply a clear coating on the wheels. Apply a clear coat to the.

The final step has different appealing sheen options, with flat and glossy being the most popular choices.

Refinishing your wheels is a cheap option to alter your car’s look by personalizing it.

Is it costly to have your wheels refinished by a professional?

There is no universal solution to this issue. Costs vary depending on the person or shop who is doing the work. In general, getting your wheels refinished will cost you around $75 to $125 per wheel. Most shops base their estimates on the degree of damage to the wheels that are suffering.

Some may be concerned about the costs, but keep in mind that getting your wheels refinished is usually less expensive than replacing them. New OEM wheels can cost between $300 and 600 per wheel, based on the kind of car and the model. Aftermarket wheels are available for less; however, you’ll need to research how good the manufacturer is.

Should you refinish the wheels yourself or hire a professional?

You could refinish your wheels, but do you need to? It’s based on your skills and expertise. If you want your final result to be pleasing, it is essential to understand the process. It’s best to conduct some research and try it out using a wheel you can throw away (available at a junkyard).

Wheel refinishing services provide an invaluable service in maintaining both the aesthetics and functionality of your wheels. Refinishing involves an intricate process of returning them to their former glory; whether your wheels have experienced wear and tear over time or cosmetic damage from curb rash, professional wheel refinishing services are an effective solution. 

How Many Tools Would You Need?

Refinishing your wheels takes lots of sanding. It’s lots of it. You’ll require plenty of patience and a large amount of sandpaper, ranging from 600 grit to 220 gr. Also, you will require wheel polish, paint for wheels, and clear coating.

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